Welcome to the World of EazyV3.

We are a family of builders and dreamers. Having worked in the coffee industry for years, we saw an opportunity to level the playing field and we went for it.

We spoke to dozens of friends within in the industry. The EazyV3 is a passion project 18 months in the making, we could not be more excited to finally bring it to market.

We knew we could create an electronic tamp, but what else could we add on to make the barista’s experience richer, cleverer and stronger? We looked at problems and asked - how can we engineer around variables to eliminate or work with them?

We at EazyV3 have long been passionate about eliminating variables when making coffee. We so truly believe that automating the tamping process is the way of the future the most logical step in an industry becoming more sophisticated year on year.

We know that this machine is the future of the industry.

Don’t believe us? We offer either a lease or purchase model so you can try it for yourself. The EazyV3 can be leased for the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

Try it yourself and you will see what we mean. You won’t want to give it back, and we don’t blame you.