The Hook 

No bullshit. Unlike other tampers, this machine does what it says that it does:

  • The EazyV3 is proven not only to compress the weight it says it compresses, our tamper will outlast the rest. With force compression able to be selected between 10-30kgs, our tamper is accurate and individually calibrated & tested against a load-cell in our factory before dispatch against each motor capability. This means when you select a setting of 10kgs, your machine will actually compress 10kgs (i.e. not 4 or 5kgs).
  • This tamper is tough. It's durable and reliable and will compress more than 400,000 compressions in its lifetime. When treated properly, the EazyV3 goes the distance and will NOT constantly break down or need replacement; 
  • EazyV3 has been around since 2017. In that time, its been tested in very busy commercial settings repeatedly. It's a machine that delivers consistent results;
  • This tamper is designed for busy commercial settings where you don't have time to worry about breakdowns/unreliable machines; it takes up little bench space and can be customised in appearance to fit in with your cafe's decor/vibe.

EazyV3 Features 

The EazyV3 is touch-screen operated and includes:

  • A patented bracket and sensor design, fully customisable to ensure your porta filter fits;
  • Precision compression of between 10 and 30 kilos, customisable to compress once or twice depending on your preference;
  • humidity and temperature readers, daily, monthly and lifetime press counter, date and time function;
  • pin code protected - as a safety and security feature;
  • coffee grind tray to eliminate mess;
  • certified to Australian/NZ safety and electrical standards *(if you are outside of Australia/ New Zealand, please check with your local regulator that the EazyV3 is compliant with your countries' electrical standards).

Benefits of the EazyV3

  1. Consistent, accurate tamping pressure;
  2. Level tamping each time, eliminating channelling;
  3. OHS supportive - no more more arms, writs or shoulders at the end of the day;
  4. Faster workflow - spend more time focusing on other aspects of the business; 
  5. Reliable and durable - it's designed and built to last;
  6. Warranty given for 12 months* in addition to Australian Consumer Law Guarantees;
  7. Made in Australia using quality materials and supporting the local manufacturing industry.

*For more information, please review the warranty, available on our Forms & Documents page.