Perfect Pressure Control


Take the Pressure off your Barista - they are not machines, and even the best can’t get it right every time. The EazyV3 allows you to select your desired tamping pressure on the LCD touchscreen - meaning there is one less thing to think about.

The EazyV3 pushes anywhere between 5 – 30 kilos. Do you tamp once, or twice? The EazyV3 is customisable and like your preference, can also tamp once or twice. Let the machine do the hard, work for you.

Now everyone on shift has the ability to pull a killer espresso shot.

Reduce Workplace Injury

100% Consistency while reducing the risk of RSI. How many times has your barista finished a shift with a sore back, forearms, shoulders or wrists?

The EazyV3 is designed to protect your barista from repetitive strain injury. This provides extra assurance for cafe owners and protects them from work cover associated claims. We believe this will be the new industry standard when it comes to safe working practices.

It’s OHS ready to go.

PIN Code Operated - Lock In Your Settings

Unlike other similar products, the barista can protect their settings through the use of a pin code. Cleaning mode on the EazyV3 is also pin activated- because we know that user safety is always front of our mind, and yours.

Take the pressure up or down. Select your presses. Lock it in. Clean it up.

Perfectly Level Coffee - No Channeling

Uneven tamping and channelling is eliminated, and so is coffee waste. The EazyV3 presses perfectly level every single time.

Your Morning Rush Is No Sweat.

We have gone through months of testing and programming with busy cafes to ensure the EazyV3 is fast. It’s designed to keep up. In fact, it can tamp in a matter of seconds, which can more than hold its end of the bargain during that morning rush.

How many barista’s can keep that up for hours on end?

Coffee As A Science - Control Your Variables


Espresso making is getting better and more competitive all the time. From Brisbane to Melbourne, Sydney to Perth - baristas are adjusting and readjusting their grind all day long. Mother nature is one factor that we just can’t control - so we designed the EazyV3 to work with it.

The EazyV3 includes temperature and humidity sensors that give an immediate reading of your surrounds.

Simply adjust your grind size and the tamping pressure and away you go.


The EazyV3 has the following capabilities:
- A patented bracket and sensor design
- Can decompress between 10 and 50 kilos
- Humidity and temperature readers
- Pin code safety and security feature
- Daily and lifetime press counter
- Date and time function
- Certified to Australian/NZ safety and electrical standards

If you are outside of Australia/ New Zealand, please check with your local regulator that it is compliant to your countries' electrical standards.

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100% Australian Made

We are proud to be the first fully automated coffee tamper to be part of the Australian Made campaign.

Not only do we manufacture entirely in Australia, we are a proudly Australian company.